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What is GPTBoomerang and what makes it the email service you didn't know you needed?

GPT Boomerang is the first known system to facilitate user interaction with a virtual AI assistant over email - in many cases providing a more seamless and familiar user experience than traditional chat bots.

  • AI-Powered: Leverages large language models to understand and respond to your queries
  • Simple: Just send us an email - no apps, no downloads
  • Versatile: From answering questions to generating suggestions or writing copy, we've got you covered
  • Engaging and Fun: Ever had a conversation with an AI? With GPTB, you can. Reply to the responses and keep the conversation going - it's not just enlightening, but also loads of fun!
  • Multilingual: GPT Boomerang is not just smart, it's multilingual too. Send us your query in any language, and you'll get a response in the same language.

How it Works

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